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Agitprop Art

Republican Guard propaganda.
Australian Republican Air Force propaganda.

Escape ARTfest 2015

Republican guards? Military schoolboys? Soviet space dogs? Welcome to the socialist left comrades! Will my propaganda win over the masses?

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney 2010, Conservatorium of Music.
Vivid Sydney 2010 Hyde Park Barracks Sydney

June 2010

For the second time Sydney’s winter nights were ablaze with colour. This event, originally centred around Circular Quay, has expanded right across the city and now features in certain suburbs.

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney 2010 Sydney Opera House
Vivid Sydney 2010 Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney

June 2009

This was the premier to what is now a major annual event. Focused initially on Circular Quay and the Opera House, the colourful projections encouraged Sydney-siders to venture out during the winter months.

Kosciuszko Alpine Huts

Mackays Hut Kosciuszko National Park

November 2008

While spending a weekend working on the O’Keefes Hut rebuild, I thought it would be great to photograph other huts in the northern end of Kosciuszko National Park. Theses huts, originally built as accomodation by pioneers, alpine graziers and gold prospectors now serve as emergency shelter for skiers and hikers.

QM2 QE2 Sydney

Queen Mary 2 QM2 Moreton Bay Figs Sydney
Queen Elizabeth 2 QE2 Sydney Harbour

February 2007

Thousands of people filled the harbour shores to welcome Queen Mary 2 and her sister, Queen Elizabeth 2. It was the QM2’s maiden call to Sydney and the city was in a party mood. Just before her late night departure, there were spectacular fireworks to farewell her!

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